Servers and Systems


HPE Proliant Servers

Rack Servers

In any business organization, servers should be properly stored in a rack, in order to obtain better rack space conservation that increases scalability while maximizing airflow of the servers. These Rack-optimized servers offered to you by HPE can modernize your cutting-edge data centers by delivering performance and resiliency, for B2B critical workloads. HPE provides a range of rack servers, namely: HPE ProLiant DL servers, HPE Apollo servers and HPE mission-critical x86 servers. In order to decide which HPE server suits best for your organization, contact our team at Plexus to obtain their expertise.

Tower Servers

If you always wanted the servers for your organization to achieve efficient business values, HPE ProLiant Tower Servers could the ideal solutions for your organization. Either your office has remote offices or in-house operations, HPE tower servers could assist you in numerous ways to feature user-inspired innovations that deliver agility, security and economic control. Especially your on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructure could easily be simplified when tower servers are used in your organization. To discuss and choose the best fit tower server for your organization – reach our Plexus team.

Compassable systems

“HPE compasable: software-defined solutions which are built on intelligent infrastructure help delivering cloud experiences on premises. In order to attain the perfect flexibility to deploy any workload with the agility of the cloud, the latest service you can select for your business could be the compassable systems HPE offers. Providing an efficient cloud experience for business, HPE compassable systems provide an intelligent infrastructure for any workload to deliver speed. Contact plexus to know which solution offered by HPE can help your organization to transform IT operations to speed innovation.

HPE Synergy

HPE Synergy is a composable bladed infrastructure that powers any workload within a hybrid cloud environment. This powerful software-defined solution aids to deploy IT resources quickly through a single interface. They are able to simplify, automate and develop the solutions fast. Select HPE synergy to gain efficiency and control over IT resources at your organization. Contact expertise at Plexus to obtain more information about HPE Synergy.

HPE Blade Systems and Blade Servers

In the evolving, modern business world, data processing requires a speed than ever before. Either it could be business challenges or applications – with HPE blade systems and blade servers; you can optimize the virtualizations of your organization. HPE blade systems and servers support both traditional and hybrid workloads. In addition, they are supportive to maintain cost, flexibility and operational simplicity of your organization. HPE OneView is offered with the HPE blade systems, taking a programmatic, software-defined approach to managing infrastructure. Get more updates about HPE blade systems and blade servers by contacting the expertise at Plexus.

Software Defined Storage Platforms. (SDS)

HPE Simplivity

Breaking the boundaries of Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI), HPE offers “SimpliVity”, which combines IT infrastructure, advanced data services, and AI-driven operations into a single, integrated hyperconverged solution. Yet, the beauty of SimpliVity is that it is provided to you at a fraction of traditional offerings’ costs. Known as an intelligent hyper converged platform, HPE SimpliVity speeds application performance, improves efficiency and resiliency, and backs up/restores VMs in seconds. In order to know more details about this intelligently simple, hyper efficient and edge optimized solution which makes you one happy admin who uses one simple platform, feel free to reach our team at Plexus.

HPE Nimble

The intelligent and radically simple flash storage solution offered by HPE is Nimble, which is a self-managing storage. With a guaranteed availability on various platforms, HPE Nimble resolves the issues automatically. HPE offers you Nimble at a lower storage operational expense. This Intelligent cloud platform provides you simplicity of HCI and the flexibility of converged for business-critical applications. In order to reimagine the storage experience to power business critical apps, upgrade your storage platform to HPE Nimble today. Contact our team at Plexus to know more details.

Nutanix DX Servers

One of the industry’s most popular hyperconverged solutions, “Nutanix” is a power of choice gives you the ability to consume private cloud in anyway as you wish. Nutanix acts as a SAN-Free datacenter appliance for virtual workloads that leverages vSphere as it’s hypervisor to combine compute and storage into a single scale-out tier of hardware. Providing a complete, 100% software-defined stack Nutanix is able to integrate computing, virtualization, storage, networking, and security to power any application at any scale.

Currently patterned with HPE, Nutanix delivers a jointly engineered integrated system and an infrastructure as a Service. They jointly launches HPE ProLiant DX, a range of Nutanix-integrated appliances based upon foundational HPE server technologies existing in the ProLiant and Apollo platform. In addition to the most secure industry standard servers, HPE ProLiant DX customers receive the same Nutanix compute, storage, virtualization, and network functionality, combined with the company’s intuitive, consumer-grade management that has made Nutanix.

VMware vSAN Certified Servers

Accelerating your modernization journey by delivering the industry’s most complete portfolio of integrated virtualization, cloud, and mobility solutions and services, HPE and VMWare had collaborated for more than two decades to bring you the convenient multi‑cloud environment solutions. Currently, these two companies jointly bring you the industry’s most complete portfolio of engineered and certified solutions for virtualized and hybrid cloud environments.

Specifically, HPE and VMWare had preconfigured and validated four new SDS-specific server configurations. These HPE vSAN ReadyNodes are workload-optimized solutions that provide the right balance of processor, memory, network, IO controller, and storage to easily scale for changing business needs.  To receive more updates on VMware vSAN Certified Servers which will let your company achieve digital transformation, contact the expertise at Plexus.

General Purpose and Mission Critical Storages

Gift your enterprise the cutting-edge storage technologies available for General Purpose and Mission Critical Storages with HPE. Offering you scalable and reliable products that are designed for Real-time analytics, online transaction processing (OLTP), batch processing, and database apps, HPE aids your organization to have smooth operations. HPE helps your organization to carry out integral functionalities with an x86 platform and the availability of HPE mission-critical systems to get an edge in revenue and reputation. Fulfilling your general purpose and mission critical storage requirements, HPE offers GreenLake, to your business organizations. In addition, HPE offers a range of platforms and operating environments meet specific business requirements on General Purpose and Mission Critical Storages.


HPE MSA: Modular Smart Array offers affordable, flexible SAN storage that are easy to manage with rich features including support for solid-state drives. The flash-enabled arrays that raise the entry storage bar scales to accommodate your intentional growth and adapts automatically when the unexpected happens to keep you up and running. In addition, HPE MSA makes application acceleration possible for a wide range of budgets. You can directly attach HPE MSA storage to extend your servers, NAS appliances for file sharing, and flexible shared storage arrays for physical and virtual applications. HPE MSA Industry-leading performance SAN storage systems are suitable for any business model or budget and it modernizes IT architectures to deliver performance that unlocks new capabilities and lowers costs.


An AI Powered-all flash storage solution, HPE 3PAR offers you to consolidate primary storage workloads – for file and block – onto an enterprise-class flash array without compromising performance, scalability, data services, or resiliency. HPE 3PAR provides a Tier-1 all-flash foundation for mission-critical workloads in your business organization. Meeting the extreme requirements of any business enterprise, HPE 3PAR StoreServ can transform your enterprise deployments with solutions to a storage surpassing 20PB. Guarantee 99.9999% data availability, HPE helps to handle unpredictable workloads effortlessly. Promising you improved business results, HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage has solutions to all sort of businesses, for a considerably lower cost. In order to transform your business enterprise with HPE 3PAR storage solutions, contact Plexus to know more details.

Tier-0 Storages with 100% Availability

HPE Primera

Offering Intelligent Tier 0 Storage for your Mission-Critical Apps, HPE Primera redefines the storage solutions arena by delivering the agility of the cloud while raising the bar on resiliency and performance. Accelerating speed of business, agility and innovation, HPE Primera, which is delivered-as-a-service, provides instant access to data with storage that sets up in minutes and upgrades transparently. Ranked as the world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical apps, HPE Primera ensures speed and 100% availability for mission-critical apps that are crucial in any business Enterprise. Combining autonomous operations with extreme resiliency and performance, HPE Primera is powered by HPE InfoSight. To enjoy a simple yet guaranteed experience in Tier-0 storages, purchase HPE Primera for your business enterprise. Contact our expertise at Plexus today to receive more updates on HPE Primera.

NAS solutions

HPE Store easy

When your company is evolving, it may gain a same amount of data that fills up your storage spaces. In order to eliminate the storage space troubles your company could face – HPE has introduced a cost effective solution, named “HPE Store Easy” which is a leading NAS product family under $15K USD. Through this easy-to-manage centralized space, you can securely store documents, images, audio, and video files. Freeing up resources to improve server efficiency, HPE Store Easy acts as a flexible, affordable file for small and midsize businesses plus the branch offices of distributed organizations. To know more about HPE Store Easy, contact our expertise at Plexus.

Qumolo Scalable NAS for video archival and PBs storage requirements

Qumul, a storage vendor that sells data-aware scale-out NAS, also offers hybrid flash storage systems. These hybrid flash storage systems are packaged with Qumulo Core – a software which shows the customers which pieces of data are being used, how often each piece of data is being used, and which applications are using the most data. These patterns help customer to decide about moving and archiving data. Consumers are also given the chance to purchase the software independently and install it on their own hardware. Qumulo’s main stakeholders are media and entertainment, life sciences, oil and gas, and higher education. To be updated more about the Qumulo products, feel free to contact our sales team at Plexus.

Rack solutions

Server Racks

HPE offers a range of purpose-built racks to fit the computer requirements of your organization. These racks are available for reasonable prices and they are ideal to fit into the server rooms or modern data centers. These data racks are made with welded frames to ensure the durability of the servers. In addition, the data racks do have a door to ensure a  better airflow. HPE G2 Racks are available if you need to configure the racks according to your own organizational requirements. In order to optimize the infrastructure of the server room or data center of your organization – contact Plexus to receive more updates on the HPE server rack ranges.