Enterprise Solutions

Network Professional Services

Plexus offers you numerous Network Professional services where you are provided the necessary expertise to create Network as a Service (NaaS) for your day-to-day growing business. Offering you flexible, reliable and expandable services, Plexus houses Edge to Cloud networks where we are willing to address any concern you suffer with respect to security, visibility of enterprise wired, wireless and Data Center Networking. Plexus also provides Aruba Cloud MSP from Aruba Edge Service.

Infrastructure Services

In the globalized world where there are many complex IT transformations that waste time and money of you and your customers, Plexus Infrastructure services include strategy, design, operations support and solutions to modernize your infrastructure drive rapid digital transformation requirements. Join Plexus to drive your digital transformation journey of Data Center and Enterprise Solutions with HPE and Aruba.

Hyper Converged, Converged Infrastructure

Knowing the need of how the rapidly growing digital transformation performance should be acquired while maintaining the simplicity of the systems, Plexus offers various Hyper Converged or Converged infrastructure. Moving from the traditional architecture to hyper converged or converged infrastructure, HPE offers unmatched converged infrastructure with synergy and Hyper Converged with Simplivity. Why are we to stick in traditional silos limitation when more modern solutions of Hyper Converged or Converged infrastructure are available with HPE. Join Plexus to explore the Hyper Converged or Converged infrastructure offered by us from Simplivity, Synergy, Nutanix and vSAN.

Surveillance Solutions

Various situations in both home and workplace actually need proper surveillance. From high-definition cameras to real-time facial recognition, today’s advances in security technology let your end-users monitor and protect critical environments better than ever before. Yet, your technological innovations require an infrastructure backbone that can analyze and store large volumes of data and be easy to deploy, manage, and scale-locally or across the globe. Plexus comes into the picture in such situations, offering you a variety of surveillance solutions from Qumulo and Axis.

Work from Home Plexus Solution

One of the integral factors about any organization is Business continuity, which used to be all about protecting data and being able to restore it quickly. Whilst that is still important, it is always clear that business continuity plans also need to include strategies for keeping employees productive throughout a disruption. All in all, even though your apps and data are safe and available in the office, that doesn’t do you much good whenever employees are needed to work remotely. In such situations, Plexus offers a variety of work from home solutions. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with Remote VPN (Nano Branch) is one such technology that can help enhance productivity while working from anywhere. Without any hesitation, you can offer highly confidential or classified information through these networks. Our work-from-home solutions include Aruba, VMware VDI, HPE, Hardware, Data center monitoring, Data analytics and DWH.

RedHat Services both support/implementation

It is high time to close the gap between what you know and what you need. From architecture through adoption and training, at Plexus, our teams and resources help you get the most out of your technology investment. No matter where you are in your journey with Red Hat products, we have offerings of design/implementation to help you do more.  Some such include:

  • Database support /managing
  • Broadcasting solution with Qumulo

IT Support and Friendly Service

HPE PointNext Services & Aruba Services (Annual maintenance Contract)

One of the main services provided by Plexus Global is AMC (Annual maintenance Contract) service, related to Aruba and HP products. It is very likely that your HPE or Aruba products may face issues then and there after sometime of using the product. We, at Plexus, as the HPE authorized distributor, believe that it’s one of our prime duties to help our valuable customers in such situations, eliminating any losses they may occur.

Feel free to sign up with Plexus, if you wish to require our budget-friendly AMC services in the future. This helps not only troubleshooting but also the long run of the products you chose from us. We will ensure to maintain your products with 100% genuine HPE parts. Considering the investment you had spent to purchase a good equipment, we, as the HPE authorized distributor in Sri Lanka, advise you to maintain the servers you purchase without letting it to be a wastage by not paying enough care for the servers which are crucial for your business. Thus, sign up for our AMC services and ensure that your equipment are working around the clock, avoiding any malfunctions.

We guarantee to provide you the following features when you sign up for our AMC services.

  • Immediate replacement with the genuine HPE and Aruba parts
  • Supporting you with product upgrades, if the warranty of your products are outdated
  • Fixed annual rate for the entire contract period
  • AMC services will be provided across the island, wherever the client would be.
  • Our technical team consisting HPE Trained Engineers will be available 24/7 to assist you with technical issues.
  • We carry out free product check of your devices including the firmware check to ensure their long run.

Do you wish to sign up for HPE and Aruba AMC?

Reach us today on 0774435271 or drop us an email to info@plexuss.biz

Instant IT support

If you have an urgent fault or problem regarding any product or service we offer, please do call us on technical Support Hotline to get through to plexus instant IT support via a phone call or a remote support session.

Onsite Assistance

If you need any technical assistance plexus is ready to offer the service to your premises. We can dispatch same-day service by sending an engineer to your location to provide the necessary assistance. In addition, around the clock, our support staff will be available whenever you need us.

24X7 Proactive Monitoring

Plexus offers remote 24/7 Proactive Monitoring service, which ensures the necessary IT needs are delivered to your business. In addition, there are alerts that enable our team to manage your systems proactively and efficiently.  Thus, we are able to identify and resolve issues before they affect your business.

Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring solutions enable organization to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they can adversely affect critical business processes. Plexus is ready to identify some of the best monitoring solutions for your IT infrastructure whilst assisting you in keeping uptime at all-time high and minimizing unexpected failures.

IT admin outsource to SMB customers

We, at Plexus provide the best IT outsourcing services with innovative methods of implementation of IT network infrastructure. This enables you to achieve the advantages of latest technologies while enhancing data and information capabilities to reach success in your business enterprise or public sector organization.

Consulting and Education

Technology Planning

One of the consulting and education service offered by Plexus is technology planning. Hence, at plexus, we help you in planning the future of your business by introducing various IT strategies. We are willing to assist you to deliver the aligned strategy by offering best-fit, latest technological solutions that cater your organizational needs.

Project Consultation

Another important service offered by Plexus is Project consultation. Our Project Consultation Service Team is available at your convenience to assist you with the development and integration of Enterprise Level solutions and a range of other technical requirements. Plexus delivers numerous project consultations, ranging from initial scope planning to full-scale implementation and maintenance. Contact Plexus to get information on the availability of project consultations that suits your organization requirements.

Long Term Budgeting

One of the strategic planning methods required by the IT companies include “Long term budgeting”. However, unlike the short-term finance planning, Long-term budgeting is not an easy task since it involves long term- market predictability. Yet, companies do require long term financial planning to attain sustainability of the company that is quite crucial for the long run of any organization. In order to get an insight about the possible investments whilst conducting an accurate cost analysis, Plexus offers you the service of carrying out long term budgeting. Contact us to discuss your budgeting requirements to get your financial planning done.

Technology Updates

In the evolving, globalized world, technology needs are changing, alongside the requirements of the business organizations. Thus, addressing the needs, companies require updating their technologies to keep up with modern trends. Knowing these requirements, Plexus is ready to offer you consultations to decide the latest technological updates your company needs. Reach our Plexus consultation teams to discuss how you should update technology in your business organizations.

Implementation Consultancy

Another main aspect to which technological consultancy is needed is when the implementation process happens. Thus, we, at Plexus are ready to offer you guidance on how the implementation process should happen in your organization. Either it is direct, parallel or pilot implementation; we will help you to decide the best fit that suits your organization. Feel free to contact our Plexus teams to gain the expertise you need on implementation consultations that will ensure the smooth operations of your organizations.