Wi-Fi Access Points

Using AI-powered RF optimization, rich user and application intelligence, and smart management options, Aruba access points (APs) provide you the chance to improve user experiences whilst enhancing the Quality of Service (QoS). Nevertheless, these Wi-Fi access points support digital workplace initiatives in your business organizations. Additionally, Zigbee and Bluetooth IoT devices are supported by these WiFi Access Points where the Holy scalable Controller-Less and Controller Managed Solution are available for flexible deployment.

Gateways and Controllers

In order to centrally optimize the experience for users and IoT, Aruba controllers and gateways offer a variety of enterprise-class features. Capabilities of these gateways and controllers include high-performance traffic and data routing, Dynamic Segmentation, role-based access and more. Based on your enterprise or branch needs, you are free to choose the equipment you need. Our team at Plexus is always ready to provide you with the best-fit solution.

Campus and Datacenter Switching

Plexus offers you a range of choices that fits your Campus and Datacenter switching requirements. The equipment we introduce offers you enterprise-grade performance, scale and flexibility from edge access to the datacenter, which is enabled by a single architecture for simplified network design and management. In addition, Aruba Net Edit for error-free network configuration is available to orchestrate configuration changes across multiple switches using intelligent automation and analytics, ensuring that the service rollouts are consistent, conformant and error-free.


One of the main issues faced by the business organizations is the high cost of equipment. Thus, addressing the need Aruba Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is introduced to simplify WAN routing that is managed by Aruba Central. In order to gain visibility for all existing branch deployments, Aruba SD-WAN can be introduced as a better way to control WAN traffic. Reach our team at Plexus to know more information of Aruba Software-Defined WAN.

Network Security

Organizations are more exposed to attacks than ever before, ranging from IoT to an always-on mobile workforce. Hence, a key factor needed in any organization is network security in order to prevent the vulnerabilities the organization faces. Aruba offers numerous solutions to improve your network security and some such solutions are Agentless device visibility, network access control, AI-powered security analytics and attack detection. In addition, automated network segmentation is available for wired and wireless networks. Aruba offers Aruba ClearPass where the client gets access to agentless visibility and dynamic role-based access control for seamless security enforcement. In addition, Aruba ClearPass offers response across wired and wireless networks.

Network Management

Crucial factor of any network is network management. Aruba provided various network management and assurance solutions that deliver granular visibility, powerful control, and deeper insights—locally or in the cloud—for challenging IT environments. Contact Plexus to gain more details of network management solutions.

Location Services

In the modern, globalized world – people, places and things are always connected. Especially, due to the invention of mobile technologies, things can be easily tracked. Aruba had introduced a new asset tracking solution that can help you quickly locate business-critical devices or inventory by saving your valuable time and money. Deployment of these products are quite easy, considering that it uses BLE-enabled Aruba Tags with your location-ready Aruba wireless network. Reach Plexus to know how these Aruba location services can minimize the hassle your business faces.

Analytics and Assurance

Aruba offers a range of AI-powered network analytics and assurance solutions. These solutions help the clients to find intermittent issues while also pointing out how to optimize network. These solutions help you to identify and resolve problems quickly. Feel free to contact our team at Plexus to know more information about the Aruba powered analytics and assurance.