About us


With its mission to enhance the business operation of clients by providing high standard value added services and products, Plexus was initiated in 2017, as a state-of-the-art Value Added Distributor. In addition, as a partner ready service delivery facility Plexus acts as the bridge between customers and solutions.

Within these years, Plexus had gained immense trust amongst its customers by building up novel partnerships whilst introducing a range of products and technological solutions to the IT industry. Moreover, Plexus has set its name in the industry by providing unparalleled business support across the technology supply chain.

Surpassing the geographical boundaries, Plexus now serves in the Maldives whereas our distribution facility is located in Singapore. Hand-in-hand with the world-class suppliers of Plexus, we, at Plexus, are able to provide our clients with the best solutions and the right combination of resources that are currently available. In addition, we are planning to expand our services across Asia and the world – for which we await opportunities.

Just as the meaning of the name “Plexus”, the company itself possesses a strong distribution network across Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Singapore, where we are dedicated to providing optimum and customized solutions for our clients.

We, at, Plexus are always ready to meet your changing business needs by offering high quality and cost effective implementation of services.



Whilst providing the best solutions available in the industry, the vision of Plexus is to become a significant entity in IT based corporate solutions, which is capable of claiming unparalled responses from our clients in the targeted markets by catering their changing necessities.



Striving to provide the best in the new millennium, the mission of Plexus is to do our very best in order to support our clients to enhance their business operations by offering them the value added services of high standard and cutting edge products.

Our values


Professional Services

In this competitive, industrial arena, Plexus offers range of services to our clients. We are committed to offer you professional services that you can offer your customers, catering their necessities. Plexus supports you to ensure that only you will be the single point of contact for all solutions, by providing you a competitive edge.

We will work together with you to address your requirements whilst broadening your range of complementary services and increasing your portfolio of offerings. In addition to giving pre-sales assistance, Plexus is also capable of giving the expertise to support you address your customers’ technical problems and meet their after-sales needs.  This will help your organization to focus your resources on revenue generation and the pre-sales leads.

Sales & Marketing Expertise

The sales and marketing department of Plexus comprises pre-sale experts who directly deals with customers to decide the ideal solution, which addresses the needs of their company. In addition, they will help you to select the option that is available for the best price in the market. As the HPE authorized dealers in Sri Lanka, we do provide the latest HPE solutions to the clients. In addition, our sales and marketing team will guide you to select the necessary products. We specialize in offering Hyper converged infrastructures and our Pre Sales team will help you with that as well. Simultaneously, we support our customers for price negotiations. We guarantee to provide you an unparalled service from the time you set your mind to buy a product to the time when the sale ends.

Additionally, in order to familiarize the market with the products, we conduct product Campaigns, and Customer Events with the aim of raising awareness on latest technologies to the target markets.

Education and Enablement

We, at Plexus, believe that it is our duty to empower our clients and partners by educating them about the products we offer; either it is HPE, Aruba or the other products and services.  As the HPE authorized Distributer in Sri Lanka & The Maldives, At Plexus, we offer various HPE training courses and workshops to ensure you have the sufficient technical knowledge. In addition, with the intention of developing your expertise we conduct Aruba, Tripplite, VMWare and Veeam certification courses for our clients in order to ensure that your customers’ solutions are well used, integrated and maintained. As a company, if you are worried that your employees knowledge should be updated, you can always contact Plexus, since we offer various certification and accreditation programs to ensure your own IT professionals have the industry recognized skills to be armed with cutting edge technological needs.


What mattes to us is providing you an efficient service – which is as to why we consider delivering your order at the time of need. Our deployment process ensures that your orders are delivered to the right place at the right time. Hence, the logistics team of Plexus does their level best help you to pre-determine the delivery on your project time line. Simultaneously, we are flexible in offering you various payment options. In addition, you will be able to decide your pickup locations depending order consolidations to suit your exact needs as well.

Our team


Plexus comprises various departments to ensure a high quality service, both to our partners and customers. Our clientele benefits from the diversified service provided by the Plexus team, with the expertise they possess on latest technologies.  Whilst setting the name of Plexus high, they ensure to surpass your expectations by leading your organizations to reach the success that you have always dreamt.

The team of engineers of  Plexus,  is around-the-clock prepared to support you with the necessary technical assistance and guidance. They will support you to select the ideal product for your organization.  The team of certified engineers in Plexus is available 24X7 to help you in operating the products and services we offer. Simultaneously, the friendly sales team of Plexus not only help our clients with sales, but also ensures that our partners and clients are building long-term relationships with Plexus.