Data Migration


Ever wonder how to migrate your data from one place to the other without going through much of a hassle? In this digital era, you do not have to consider data migration as another tedious procedure that takes much of your time. At Plexus, we are pleased to announce you the availability of convenient and simple data migration tools, with the latest technologies offered by Striim. Either you are introducing a new system or you are changing the location of storage – you can always place your confidence in Striim, which is a patented, enterprise-grade continuous real-time data integration software. Striim offers various Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions, which facilitate the initial load of data as well as the ongoing, continuous movement of data. Providing cutting-edge technologies that embed low-latency, low-risk solutions Striim is able to feed mission-critical applications as well. The data migration solutions offered by Striim can be specifically catered for a wide array of industries including Financial Services, Transportation and Logistics, Airlines and Airports, Communications and Media, Retail and E-Commerce, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare as well as Manufacturing.