Operating with the mission of “helping companies make data useful the instant it’s born”, Striim offers the latest technologies of continuous real-time data integration that are patented. As a real-time data integration software founded in the United States, Striim’s scope is inclusive of continuous data ingestion and services such as in-flight stream processing. As a heterogeneous, enterprise-grade platform: “Striim” is patented and it is dedicated to deliver data to wherever you need within the time limit you need. In addition, Striim assures to delivering data in the correct format to high-value operational workloads. As the name sounds, Striim enables streaming integration with a built- in intelligence platform. Through the continuous, streaming data pipelines, Striim makes your data migration processes much easier than it was ever before. Striim is also inclusive of ‘Change data capture’ (CDC) which powers up streaming analytics, log correlation, real-time cloud integration and edge processing. Striim proudly announces an elite array of their clientele including Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Fujitsu and Atlas Air.